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Worcester MA Stone Walls

The stone walls that we install and repair at Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration Work are those that are generally made with various limestone and flint, sandstone, and granite. The quality of the building stones that are used will vary and have different endurance levels of water-resistance and its versatility.

We can create any type of stone wall that you wish to have regardless of the type of stone we use. Our masons are the most qualified team of experts in the industry. They come to us highly recommended and prove efficient in their duties. 

Natural Stone Walls

When you want a natural stonewall built, you’ll have a tone of options to choose from. Just as varied as the stones that we use is the way that they are built. We also use a variety of materials, which enable us to customize a wall that you will approve of. Here are some of your stonewall options:

  • Colonial Wallstone – this is a flat stone and is produced with bluestone quarries, from cast-off pieces, which may not necessarily look good enough to be a part of the larger stone.
  • Fieldstone Walls – This type of stone is harvested from the ground. They are typically rounded and are generally less expensive than other types of stone walls. Fieldstone will differ based on the supply yard that they come from.
  • Pennsylvania Fieldstone – The Fieldstone is a flat stone repackaged on wooden pallets. These small-sized stones are great for building small and large walls. Pennsylvania Fieldstone walls are often set in mortar to keep the smaller stones in place.
  • Split/Face/Mosiac Wall – These types of walls refer to broken fieldstone and/or quarried stone. Since they have been split the flat side will be used to face the wall. The installation of this type of wall focuses on placing it against the wall, instead of stacking the stone to make it sturdy. 

Affordable Stone Walls

Give Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration Work a call and allow us to provide you with the stone wall that you want. We know that you may be thinking that it will cost too much to have a stone wall built but it isn’t. We can say this because we offer you the most affordable products possible. We’re just like everybody else in and around Worcester, MA because we also want affordable pricing for the services that we need.

We offer a variety of affordable stones for you to choose from. Just let us know what your budget is and we’ll go to work to right away to get you the type of wall that you want. When you want to be sure that you can get what you pay for, rely on us for your stone wall. We offer you more than you imagined possible at a price that you can afford. Make us your preferred service provider to ensure that you get what you want and need at a rate that you can afford. We offer you our service guarantee.

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